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Residential Rehab

Residential Rehab in Nashville

Residential rehab in Nashville is needed now more than ever before. Not only because more people are turning to the use of drugs and alcohol to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, but also because addiction is a disease that has remained itself an epidemic for over 10 years now. For example, by October of 2020, the Nashville area had experienced more drug overdose deaths than they did for the entire 2019 calendar year. Prior to 2020, the worst year on record in regards to fatal overdoses was 2019. 

All of Tennessee, including Nashville, has remained a hotspot for drug use and activity for years. Opioid drug abuse, in particular, has plagued the area. Users have gone from abusing prescription opioids like oxycodone to abusing heroin for a cheaper, but similar high. But opioids are not the only mind-altering substance impacting the area. 

Reports show that Nashville residents have lived within one mile of a meth lab. In addition, alcohol sales continue to skyrocket. Approximately 1,400 Tennessee residents were admitted into rehab for cocaine abuse in 2016. 

These statistics reflect the continued need for safe, comprehensive residential rehabilitation in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

What is Residential Rehab?

Residential rehab is a type of treatment program that provides continued treatment services to patients for anywhere between 30-90 days on average. Patients admit themselves into a treatment facility where they will reside for the duration of their care. When most people think of rehab, this is the type of rehab that comes to mind. 

Those who battle with a substance use disorder can often feel overwhelmed and fearful of what going to residential rehab means for them, as it is a big, but mostly vital, step to take. But, without the appropriate care, individuals in the fight of their life against addiction are more likely to succumb to the disease.

Who Can Benefit From Residential Rehabilitation?

Nashville residential rehab is the most involved, detailed, and structured form of addiction treatment there is. Because of the high level of care that is provided within this setting, residential rehab is typically most beneficial for those individuals who:

  • Have a severe substance use disorder
  • Have made many attempts at getting sober but have not had success
  • Require detox services immediately followed by participation in a therapeutic program
  • Have specific medical or mental health risks that threaten their wellbeing when detoxing or while recovering

Individuals do not need to meet this criteria in order to be admitted into residential care. Each person is different, and while many who fit this criteria find themselves in residential rehab, there are always other considerations that can influence a decision regarding what level of treatment to obtain.

What to Expect at Nashville Residential Rehab

Residential rehab has saved the lives of countless individuals. Individuals who might have otherwise continued to use until becoming a fatality of addiction. If it has been decided that Nashville residential rehab is the right fit for you, you might feel a combination of nerves and gratefulness. You likely do not know what to expect, but do know that this is the right path to go down. 

So, what can you expect? At Nashville residential rehab, you can expect to work cohesively with a team of administrative, medical, and mental health professionals who are dedicated to your recovery. You will be living in a safe, substance-free facility where your comfort and wellbeing is first priority. You may move into a single room or have to share a room with someone else. Either way, you will have a space to call your own, where you will sleep, journal, or hang out in. Nashville residential rehab has several common areas where you can interact with others or change your scenery. A residential rehab program will provide you with meals. You don’t have to worry about cooking or meal planning. All meals are made as healthy as possible to help promote effective recovery. 

Additional Addiction Services

While you are residing at a Nashville residential rehab, you will be participating in services right there at the facility. If you require detox services, you will be able to receive that care while under the supervision of professionals who can make you comfortable. All therapy sessions, which usually include individual therapy and group counseling, along with behavioral therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), are conducted at the facility, too. This allows you to have direct access to the care you need without worrying about missing sessions. Your continuity of care is preserved and promoted within Nashville residential rehab.

You will work with our staff to carry out a well-detailed treatment plan that includes a solid aftercare plan. This means that when your treatment is completed, you will have a plan that you can go home with that will help you continue on the road to recovery. And, Nashville residential rehab will always be available to contact should you ever need further care or additional support. 

At Detox Nashville, our residential rehab can save your life. If you are struggling with addiction, know you are not alone. Reach out for help right now.