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How Does Acupuncture For Addiction Treatment Work?

Acupuncture has grown massively in popularity in recent years as a means of holistic therapy. Despite appearing through the lens of comedy in Hollywood and in the media, acupuncture is a legitimate medical practice that boasts a wide variety of benefits. As new methods of therapy emerge, acupuncture for addiction treatment has steadily gained traction and a reputation for legitimacy. With more and more people giving it a shot, the future of acupuncture treatment looks bright.

By exploring acupuncture and its benefits, we hope to provide another option in addition to traditional addiction treatment.

What is Acupuncture? 

By definition, acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine in which a practitioner inserts thin needles into the body. Having been around for thousands of years, acupuncture was originally practiced as a form of traditional Chinese medicine. As the years passed, acupuncture began to gain traction in the West, eventually becoming popular throughout Europe.

The thought process behind the science of acupuncture is that through this method, it is possible to relieve pressure throughout the body. By focusing on pressure points, pressure releases, which promotes feelings of inner wellness and harmony. Acupuncture is virtually painless and should grow exponentially over the next few decades as a service.

How Does Acupuncture for Addiction Treatment Work?

As a holistic therapy method, acupuncture for addiction treatment can yield a plethora of benefits. Holistic therapy is unique as rather than focusing on a single facet of an individual, like some traditional therapies, it addresses a person as a whole. The benefits of holistic therapy are that through its use, one is able to emerge from recovery feeling more complete, well-rounded, and whole. Acupuncture, as a form of holistic therapy, can be very beneficial to those suffering from substance use disorders.

During the process, hundreds of tiny, thin needles are methodically placed into pressure points all over the body. Contrary to what one may believe at first glance, acupuncture is rarely painful, with the majority of participants reporting little to no discomfort. The needles, being tiny and incredibly sharp, are nearly painless as a practitioner inserts them into various pressure points. This is due in part to the design of the needle itself, but also to the depth at which the acupuncturist places them. As the needles are inserted, the brain releases endorphins. This assists with pain management while also leading to a release of tension. 

One of acupuncture’s most beneficial features is the impact that it has on those in recovery. For instance, acupuncture can actually serve as a craving deterrent. In other words, acupuncture can reduce cravings for those with a substance use disorder. In addition, acupuncture can reduce symptoms of both depression and anxiety. This can benefit those going through withdrawal.

Lastly, acupuncture promotes better circulation, helping your body recover faster during the sometimes draining recovery process. With all the aforementioned benefits of acupuncture for addiction treatment, it is no wonder that more people are giving this unique method a fair shot.

Find Holistic Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Holistic therapy can provide a person with the tools necessary to overcome the struggles that substance use disorder can bring to one’s life. By focusing on oneself as a whole, one can effectively leave addiction treatment feeling more complete, confident, and ready to take on the world. 

It is highly recommended that one seek out a proper support system when undergoing the withdrawal and recovery process. By finding the right group of qualified medical professionals with your best interests at heart, you give yourself the best possible chances of a successful and long-lasting recovery.

Going through withdrawal alone can have dangerous consequences, such as relapse. By finding the appropriate system of support to have your back and a proper holistic therapeutic practice, one can set themselves up for a successful recovery and a lifetime of personal well-being.

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