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Aftercare Services In Nashville, TN

Detox is only the first step in recovery. Following detox, it is important to continue treatment to address the root causes of addiction, prevent relapse, and improve outcomes in recovery. Our aftercare services in Nashville, Tennessee, can help clients continue their recovery after completing a detox program.

The Importance of Aftercare Services for Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a very complicated and difficult disease. Sadly, only about 11% of those with substance use disorders receive treatment for them. When someone completes a detox or other short-term inpatient rehab program, they often believe they are done with their addiction treatment. Detox, however, is the first step to sobriety and should be followed up with aftercare services. 

The relapse rate during the first year of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is 40 to 60%. This makes aftercare programs all the more important because they help people new to sobriety navigate the difficulties of that first year and beyond. Those who attend aftercare services are more likely to stay in recovery and avoid relapse. A quality drug rehab aftercare program helps make sobriety your new normal.

What Are Rehab Aftercare Services?

All drug rehab aftercare services have the same goals: to help you maintain your recovery, prevent relapse, and help build a life filled with purpose and positive relationships. Addiction is a disease that can have long-lasting effects on how your brain works, which is what makes staying sober so difficult at times. The disease will continue to affect your thoughts, feelings, and actions for a long time after formal treatment ends. 

Aftercare programs help you to work through these thoughts and feelings by addressing their root cause and supporting you in making good decisions. They also significantly reduce your chances of relapse. If you do end up experiencing a relapse, drug rehab aftercare programs can help you get back on your recovery plan with supportive, non-judgemental care and advice.

Depending on which one you choose, aftercare programs can be done in a sober living residence, outpatient facilities, support group gatherings, private therapy sessions, and more. Individuals who have banked a lot of time in recovery and have full work, school, social, and family lives can still find time to incorporate some kind of aftercare.

Types of Drug Rehab Aftercare

Much like rehab, drug rehab aftercare services aren’t just a one-size-fits-all program. There are many different aftercare options available to help suit your individual needs. Many people start with time-intensive aftercare programs before stepping down into ones that are less formal or take less time. Each step they take is part of the process of long-term recovery maintenance. Different aftercare options include:

Sober Residence

This option is most commonly used immediately after you have completed your rehab treatment. Sober residences provide a good option for people who don’t have a positive support network back home. Returning home from residential treatment to family or friends who have their own addiction issues can dramatically increase the chances that you may relapse. Taking advantage of a sober living home helps provide a vital step-down so that you can live in a homelike environment while practicing staying sober. 

Sober living homes typically place certain restrictions on residents when they first arrive, such as curfews and where you are allowed to travel outside the home. The longer you stay there, the more freedom you will accrue. Some homes allow residents to hold down a job, attend school, or do volunteer work.  

Living in a sober residence teaches you how to manage your free time wisely. This helps you to transition into going back home with less likelihood that you will succumb to temptations to use drugs or alcohol again. The bonds formed with fellow residents provide a great outlet for people to talk to who will understand your journey. Long-term friendships often come from meeting someone in a sober living home.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs require people to attend treatment during certain times, while still allowing them to live at home. Program attendance averages two to three days a week for a few hours per day. Intensive outpatient programs require a bigger time commitment but still allow you to return home each night.

Outpatient aftercare programs are a good option for people who have a strong support network at home. These programs can be attended while you also take care of commitments you have at home, such as work or family life. The amount of time you are required to spend at the facility will decrease as you successfully meet your goals and complete the steps of your aftercare program.

Support Groups

The least restrictive drug rehab aftercare options include support groups. This can include 12-step groups, non-12-step groups, and peer support networks. No matter what kind of group you join, their schedules and goals are all very similar. You will attend meetings on set days at set times, where you will discuss your recovery journey with other people who are also in recovery. This provides you with a supportive community that understands exactly what you are going through as you learn to live a normal life outside of rehab.

Finding the Best Aftercare Program for You

Just as every person’s rehab journey is different, their aftercare journeys also vary. A quality rehab facility will help you to transition to the right aftercare program by discussing your options with you. Your specific needs will be considered so that you can enter the right program for you. 

Having an aftercare program in place before your rehab treatment is over guarantees you won’t be left worrying about how to handle the next step in your recovery journey. The more easily and quickly you transition from rehab to aftercare, the less stress you’ll feel. It also improves your ability to stay in recovery.

A woman receiving Aftercare services in Nashville through Detox Nash.

Find Aftercare Services in Nashville, TN

Addiction treatment does not just end when you’ve completed detox and rehab. Committing to a drug-free life means that you need to participate in drug rehab aftercare for the long term in order to avoid relapsing. Don’t let your fear of aftercare keep you from getting the extended help you need. Aftercare provides you with healing and a community of people who know what you are going through and can support you every step of the way. Contact Detox Nashville today to learn more about how we can help change your life.

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