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Aftercare Services

The Importance of Aftercare Services for Addiction

Addiction is a very complicated and difficult disease to deal with, which is why only an estimated 11 percent of drug abusers seek help for their condition. When someone is looking for help to overcome an addiction, they may think that, once they complete their rehab program, they are ready to return to their normal daily life. They may be surprised to find out that rehab is simply the first step to sobriety; the next step will be attending aftercare services. It is important to realize that recovery is a journey. It will require a lot of work and self-reflection. Hence why aftercare is a very critical part to being successful in this journey. But don’t let the idea of recovery being a long process intimidate you; every step of recovery has a purpose to help you heal both mentally and physically. With the help of a quality drug rehab aftercare program, you can make sobriety your new normal.

What is Drug Rehab Aftercare?

All drug rehab aftercare services have the same goals: to help you maintain your recovery, prevent relapse, and help you build a life filled with purpose and positive relationships. Addiction is a disease that can have long-lasting effects on how your brain works, which is what makes staying sober so difficult at times. It will continue to affect your thoughts, feelings, and actions for perhaps years to come. That is why the relapse rate for addiction is so high. Aftercare programs help you to work through these thoughts and feelings by addressing their root cause, and supporting you in making good decisions. They also significantly reduce your chances of relapse. If you do end up experiencing a relapse, drug rehab aftercare programs can help you get back on your recovery plan with supportive, non-judgemental care and advice.

Types of Drug Rehab Aftercare

Much like rehab, drug rehab aftercare services aren’t just a one-size-fits-all program. There are many different aftercare options available to help suit your individual needs. Many people start with a more intensive aftercare program, before stepping down into less restrictive ones for long-term recovery maintenance. Different aftercare options include:

Sober Residence

This option is most common immediately after you have completed your rehab treatment. They are a good option for people who still have drug users or enablers living in their home. Also, who do not have a good support system outside of rehab. Sober living homes can be short-term to help you transition back home, to long-term if going home simply isn’t an option. They typically begin with more restrictions on where you are allowed to go and when you need to be back to the facility. Over time, you can earn more freedom by following your treatment plan. This way you learn how to manage your free time wisely. This helps you to transition into living alone with less temptation to use drugs.

Outpatient Treatment

These programs require people to attend treatment during certain times, while still allowing them to live at home. Outpatient aftercare programs are a good option for people who have a strong support network at home. Also for those who have commitments they cannot avoid. Some commitments may include jobs or children to care for. The amount of time you are required to spend at the facility will decrease as you successfully meet your goals and complete the steps of your aftercare program.

Support Groups

The least restrictive drug rehab aftercare options are support groups. This can include 12-step groups, non-12-step groups, and peer support networks. No matter what kind of group you join, their schedules and goals are all very similar. You will attend meetings on set days at set times, where you will discuss your recovery journey with other people who are also in recovery. This provides you with a supportive community that understands exactly what you are going through as you learn to live a normal life outside of rehab.

Finding the Best Aftercare Program For You

Just as every person’s rehab journey is different, so too are aftercare journeys different. A quality rehab facility will help you to transition to the right aftercare program by discussing your options with you – before it is time to leave rehab. By having an aftercare program in place before your rehab treatment is over, you won’t be left worrying about how to handle the next step in your recovery journey.

Drug Rehab Aftercare at Detox Nashville

Addiction treatment does not just end when you’ve completed detox and rehab. Committing to a drug-free life means that you will have to participate in drug rehab aftercare for the long-term. While the idea of having to attend meetings for years to come may seem like a chore, it is in fact the best way to ensure that you do not relapse. A solid drug rehab aftercare program has been shown to significantly improve a person’s chances at staying sober. Don’t let your fear of aftercare keep you from making the choice to attend rehab – you won’t just find healing, you’ll also find a community of people who know what you are going through, and can support you every step of the way. Learn more about our detox programs at (615) 845-4747 or contact us on the form below.