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Methadone Detox in Nashville, TN

At Detox Nashville we have developed a methadone addiction treatment program that works. Our methadone detox in Nashville, TN combines medication-assisted treatment options with evidence-based therapies. We help our clients lay a solid foundation for continued success in sobriety. Not only do we treat the symptoms of methadone withdrawal as they arise, but we also focus on the restoration of mental and emotional health.

Additionally, we help clients prepare for the journey ahead with thorough aftercare planning services. If you or someone you love has been struggling with methadone addiction in Nashville, Tennessee, contact us today. We understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help. Rest assured that our clinical staff members have been where you are, and treat each potential client with nothing but compassion, respect, and understanding. We look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you start on the path to methadone addiction recovery. 

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a long-acting full opioid agonist used to treat moderate and severe cases of opioid use disorder (OUD). This medication has been approved for the treatment of OUD by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is currently categorized as a Schedule II chemical substance. When taken as prescribed by a medical professional, methadone is generally safe and effective.

However, it also has a high potential for misuse. When used to treat OUD, methadone does not serve as a stand-alone treatment option. In order to be effective, it must be combined with behavioral therapy and supplemental care, like peer support groups or outpatient treatment. Methadone is generally only effective when utilized as a component of a more comprehensive treatment plan. 

How Does Methadone Work?

Methadone works by blocking the effects of more dangerous opioids, like heroin, prescription painkillers like oxycodone or hydrocodone, or fentanyl. The medication works by binding to opioid receptors within the brain. Not only does methadone block the intoxicating effects of opioid narcotics, but it helps alleviate the more severe symptoms of opioid withdrawal. 

Short-Term Effects of Methadone Use 

Although methadone is used to treat OUD, it is still classified as an opioid. Using more than the recommended dose of methadone can result in a range of short-term effects. The most common short-term effects of methadone use include:

  • Dry mouth. 
  • Drowsiness or dizziness. 
  • Loss of coordination. 
  • Gastrointestinal issues (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea). 
  • Urinary retention. 
  • Impotence/sexual dysfunction. 
  • Irregular heart rate. 
  • Slowed breathing. 

Long-Term Effects Of Methadone Use

The long-term effects of methadone use range in severity depending on the individual. Many people who misuse methadone long-term experience a combination of physical, mental, and emotional consequences. The most common long-term effects of methadone use include:

  • The development of a methadone use disorder. 
  • The development of mental health concerns that require dual-diagnosis treatment. 
  • Strained interpersonal relationships. 
  • Problems at work or at school. 
  • Legal or financial problems. 
  • The onset of withdrawal symptoms when methadone use is stopped. 

Symptoms of Methadone Addiction 

Methadone addiction, or methadone use disorder, typically develops over time. Once physical and psychological dependence develops, a person can no longer control their methadone use. At this point, a professional detox program is necessary. 

The most common signs that an individual is addicted to methadone are:

  • Repeated attempts to quit or cut back on the amount of methadone being used with limited success. 
  • Craves methadone throughout the day. 
  • Consistently uses more methadone than intended for more extended periods than intended. 
  • Experiences problems in interpersonal relationships as a result of methadone use.
  • Experiences issues at work or school as a result of methadone use. 
  • Spends a disproportionate amount of time obtaining, using, and recovering from the effects of methadone. 
  • Combines methadone with other chemical substances.
  • Neglects activities that were previously enjoyed. 
  • Develops a physical tolerance for methadone over time. 
  • Experiences withdrawal symptoms when methadone is stopped suddenly.

Methadone Withdrawal

 Methadone withdrawal can be uncomfortable. However, methadone withdrawal symptoms are rarely life-threatening. Most severe symptoms resolve within one week. Consequently, people with more severe methadone addictions might experience symptoms for two weeks or longer.

The most common symptoms of methadone withdrawal include:

  • Anxiety/panic attacks. 
  • Irritability and agitation. 
  • Stomach cramping. 
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. 
  • Restlessness/an inability to sit still. 
  • Insomnia and other sleep-related issues. 
  • Flu-like symptoms, including sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. 
  • Low-grade fever. 
  • Muscle aches and joint pain. 
  • Intense drug cravings. 

In most cases, the most severe symptoms of opioid withdrawal are effectively treated with a combination of comfort medications and behavioral therapies. At Detox Nashville we have created a comprehensive methadone detox program. Not only do we provide around-the-clock medical care, we prepare our clients for continued success on the road ahead. Contact us today to learn more. 

What to Expect from Our Nashville Methadone Detox

Our client’s experience with methadone detox in Nashville depends on several factors. These factors include:

  • The length of time the person has been misusing methadone. 
  • The presence of any underlying or co-occurring issues. 
  • Whether or not the person has been combining methadone with any other chemical substances. 
  • The amount of methadone the person has been taking on a daily basis. 
  • Whether or not the person is transitioning from detox into a higher level of care. 

Most of our clients undergo methadone withdrawal treatment for between 3 and 7 days depending on the severity of associated symptoms. While a client is working towards physical stabilization, our clinical team develops a personalized aftercare plan. In many cases, aftercare involves a transition into a higher level of care like residential rehab or partial hospitalization. We work closely with many reputable methadone detox centers in the Nashville area. 

Treatment Options for Methadone Withdrawal

The best treatment options for methadone addiction treatment vary on a person-to-person basis. A detox from methadone always comes as a recommended first step on the road to recovery. We offer effective methadone addiction treatment in Nashville, TN at our state-of-the-art treatment center. Contact us today to learn more. 

How Long Does Methadone Withdrawal Last?

The duration of methadone withdrawal can vary from person to person depending on factors such as the dosage used, the duration of use, individual physiology, and any underlying medical or psychological conditions. 

On average, methadone withdrawal symptoms typically begin within 24 to 36 hours after the last dose and peak within 2 to 4 days. However, some symptoms may persist for weeks or even months, albeit at decreasing severity.

For individuals seeking to detox from methadone and overcome addiction, enrolling in a methadone detox in Nashville can provide structured support and medical supervision throughout the withdrawal process. 

Symptoms of methadone addiction can manifest both physically and psychologically. Methadone withdrawal treatment typically involves a combination of medical intervention, psychological support, and behavioral therapy.

In Nashville, individuals struggling with methadone addiction can access comprehensive treatment through various addiction treatment programs and methadone detox centers. These programs offer a range of services, including medical detoxification, counseling, support groups, and aftercare planning to support individuals in their journey toward recovery.

Individuals addicted to methadone need to seek professional help when attempting to detox and overcome addiction. Withdrawal from methadone can be challenging and potentially dangerous, especially without proper medical supervision. By enrolling in our methadone detox program, individuals can increase their chances of successfully overcoming addiction and rebuilding their lives.

Learn More About our Methadone Detox in Nashville

Our methadone detox in Nashville, TN is available to those in need of professional detoxification services. We understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help. Making the decision to seek professional treatment for a methadone use disorder is certainly not easy. Fortunately, admitting that help has become necessary is the most challenging part of the process. 

We are available to walk you through each step of the early recovery process, from the initial call through admission. As soon as you make the decision to contact us, you will be connected with someone you can trust. We answer any additional questions you might have and help you prepare for the road ahead. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you begin your personal journey of methadone addiction recovery today. Contact us today!

24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.

24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.