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Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is not as simple as it might seem, especially for those with a dependency. When dependent on mind-altering substances, suddenly stopping their use produces withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild to life-threatening. At our Nashville detox programs, our goal is not only to have the most qualified team leading our programs but to also ensure that we apply the most cutting-edge, reliable treatment methods to all detox clients.

For many, the first step in their recovery journey begins with detox. At Detox Nashville, we pride ourselves on the exceptional medical and mental health services we provide during this initial yet challenging phase. Our detox programs in Nashville, Tennessee, offer variety, flexibility, and evidence-based care. As a result, our clients get the individualized, unique treatment they deserve.

Learn About Our Nashville Detox Programs

Alcohol Detox

At our facility, withdrawal symptoms are treated with appropriate medical care. This helps make them easier to deal with. There are a few different medications we use to help the alcohol detox timeline.

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Drug Detox

At Detox Nashville, our specialized drug detox program helps people get through the process of withdrawal as comfortably as possible to kickstart the process of recovery.

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Opioid Detox

Opioid detox can be dangerous without proper support. At Detox Nashville, people can safely detox from opioids with medical supervision and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

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Fentanyl Detox

Fentanyl addiction is a growing concern in Nashville as well as the United States as a whole. Our fentanyl detox program is the first step to treating addiction to this potent drug.

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Presciption Drug Detox

Prescription drugs can sometimes be highly addictive, and many people addicted never intended to abuse their medications. Prescription detox in Nashville helps people safely detox from these drugs.

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Stimulant Detox

Stimulant drugs like cocaine, meth, and Adderall can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms during detox. Our program helps people manage these symptoms to prevent relapse and begin recovery.

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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is a very addictive stimulant that may require medical detox to safely and more comfortably withdrawal from. Our medically supervised detox center at Detox Nashville is fully equipped to help you or your loved one begin recovery.

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Xanax Detox

Xanax and other prescription benzodiazepines (“benzos”) are often involved in overdoses throughout Tennessee and the US. Our program can help users get off these drugs without dangerous side effects.

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Medically-Monitored Detox

Withdrawal symptoms can range from mildly uncomfortable to dangerous and even life-threatening. For this reason, our Nashville detox programs have medical professionals on staff to monitor each person during detox.

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Detox Programs in Nashville, TN

Detox Nashville in Tenessee is a premier leader in providing addiction treatment services. If you or a loved one needs professional care for a substance use disorder, visit our admissions page today. We can get you started on the road to long-term recovery from addiction with our Nashville detox programs.

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    24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.