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Living with a substance use disorder can turn a person’s entire world upside down. Fortunately, here at Detox Nashville, we understand the challenges associated with getting sober. We also understand how effective treatment can help a person regain their independence. Thus, they can begin living the drug and alcohol-free life that they deserve.

If a person is looking for information on how to get alcohol or drug detox near Lebanon, Tennessee, then look no further. Our team of compassionate individuals compiled all the information needed in one convenient location so prospective patients can access it whenever they need it.

Addiction Statistics in Lebanon, TN

Lebanon is located in Wilson County, Tennessee. They have a population of roughly 38,000 people and are located in middle Tennessee, approximately 25 miles east of Nashville. As a result, many tourists come and go due to Nashville’s close proximity. The Tennessee Department of Health tracks substance abuse throughout the state of Tennessee down to each county. 

The Tennessee Department of Health noted the following statistics from Wilson County, which includes Lebanon, in 2020: 

  • 79 deaths from overdoses involving any drug
  • 72 overdose deaths involving opioids
  • 31 overdose deaths involving stimulants
  • 19 deaths from overdose involving prescriptions opioids

What is Detox?

Drug or alcohol detox is the process used to safely withdraw from substances such as drugs or alcohol. It is a way to reduce the risk of complications from withdrawal and reduce the potential for relapse. The patient may need drug and alcohol detox if they are physically dependent on a substance, such as opioids or benzodiazepines. 

Detox is safest and most effective when undergone in a reputable rehabilitation facility. The goal is to help people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol rid their bodies of toxins. By ridding one’s body of these substances, their dependence on them begins to decline. In doing so, they can begin to recover from their addiction and get back on track with their lives. Our facility near Lebanon, Tennessee offers individuals detox for both drug and alcohol addictions.

What are Withdrawal Symptoms?

Drug withdrawal symptoms are the physical and emotional symptoms that occur as a result of stopping or reducing drug use. The symptoms tend to be similar for all drugs, but they may differ in how severe they are, how long they last, and how quickly they appear. When someone first starts taking drugs, their body will become accustomed to them. Then it will begin to depend on them for proper functioning.

This means when they start a detox, their brain will go through a period of readjustment as it tries to get back to normal. These symptoms can vary from person to person, depending on the type and amount of drugs used, how long it was taken for, and what other substances were taken alongside it.

Some common symptoms include: 

  • Fever
  • Sweating
  • Tremors
  • Insomnia

Withdrawal symptoms usually peak within days of stopping the use of the drug. However, some people experience them for weeks or months afterward if they continue using other drugs or alcohol during their addiction recovery. For this reason, getting support from a detox program is crucial to a successful recovery.

What to Expect at Our Detox Near Lebanon, TN

At Detox Nashville, we understand patients are going through a difficult time. Detox is a process of safely getting the body off the substances they have used. Additionally, it is an important step in recovery as the body will heal faster and easier if it is not affected by the toxic substance.

We want to make sure the detox experience is as smooth and easy for our patients as possible. The process of detoxing can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be scary.

Here are some things to expect during drug and alcohol detox at Detox Nashville:

  • Our clients will be provided 24-hour supervision and monitoring during their detox program. This is to ensure they can safely manage their withdrawal symptoms in an environment that supports their recovery.
  • Gain access to additional programs like wound care, holistic detox, medication-assisted treatment, and aftercare services where we continue to help people become successful in their detox journey. 

The process of detoxing can be difficult, but there are many resources available to help make this time easier. At Detox Nashville, we provide a safe and supportive environment while patients are going through the withdrawal process. We have a team of qualified medical professionals trained in addiction treatment who can provide patients with the best care.

How Long Does Detox Last?

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol involves removing toxic substances from the body while managing the withdrawal symptoms that occur simultaneously. The detox process typically takes a week up to around 10 days. However, a more severe addiction can extend the detox process by several weeks or even months. 

The detox process is the first phase of the recovery process from addiction and should not be considered a substitute for rehab or therapy afterward. Someone can start experiencing withdrawal symptoms 24 hours after stopping the substance they are depending on. Alternatively, they can experience withdrawal symptoms up to two weeks later.

Programs Offered at Our Detox Center

At Detox Nashville, we offer a range of detox services to help someone through recovery. We have a team of certified and experienced professionals who can help people through the recovery process. Our staff will work with someone on an individual basis to ensure they get the right treatment for their needs.

Our detox programs cover many different substances and include: 

  • Alcohol
  • Drug
  • Opioid
  • Fentanyl 
  • Prescription drugs
  • Stimulant
  • Cocaine
  • Xanax 
  • Medically-monitored detox

Find a Detox Center Near Lebanon, TN

We understand that detoxing can be a difficult process, and that is why we are here to help. Whether you need help getting through the first few days of your detox or want to learn more about long-term recovery options, Detox Nashville is here for you. If you are looking for help with your drug and alcohol detox around Lebanon, Tennessee, we can help.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, please visit our admission page today and start your recovery journey today.

    24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.

    24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.