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Holistic Therapy In Nashville, TN

As a result of the rising cases of drug use in the United States, researchers have spent countless hours trying to find innovative and effective ways to help people achieve lasting sobriety. While traditional approaches to treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol have their places, including talk therapy and any needed medications, others options also exist. Many people entering a program to get help for their addiction want to take advantage of natural options available, too. Holistic therapy and detox have become popular treatment modalities used to treat the entire person in order to help them take control of their lives and recover from addiction. Fortunately, we accept UHC, Cigna and Aetna insurance to help with costs. No matter your specific rehab or detox needs, holistic therapy in Nashville can be a tremendously beneficial part of the treatment process.

What is Holistic Therapy?

Traditional addiction rehab focuses mainly on treating the physical health of clients, while holistic detox and therapy focus on treating the person as a whole. This means also addressing the issues that affect them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in order to heal the mind, body, and soul. Holistic therapy has been found to be very effective in helping people in addiction treatment find a fuller, longer-lasting recovery

Holistic therapy has the ability to help people feel better in several ways. This can include:

  • Developing better self-esteem
  • Becoming more self-confident
  • Learning how to maintain a balanced lifestyle
  • Helping with pain relief
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Reducing levels of depression and anxiety
  • Developing a clearer picture of their identity
  • Learning to avoid the temptation to relapse
  • Learning to use all-natural treatments during recovery
  • An overall improvement in both mental and physical health

Types of Holistic Treatments

There are several types of holistic therapy treatments that can be employed during addiction rehab. This means that, much like traditional rehab treatment options, holistic therapy programs can be individualized to suit a person’s specific needs and comfort levels. The most common holistic therapy options are:

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the most commonly used holistic treatment options. It is highly customizable, allowing the massage therapist to apply different levels of pressure, and focus on the specific body parts that carry extra tension, such as the shoulders, back, or neck. Massage therapy reduces stress, increases energy levels, promotes better circulation, and boosts the immune system. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This specialized type of massage therapy focuses on helping to improve the flow of the lymphatic system. Lymph nodes contain white blood cells, and draining them helps remove any built-up toxins the person may have in their system due to drug or alcohol abuse. This type of massage relaxes the muscles and strengthens the immune system. It also activates the parts of the body that are responsible for recovery and growth. 


Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils that are derived directly from plants and flowers. These are either diffused into the air or mixed into massage oils to release a pleasant scent into the air. Many studies have shown that certain scents reduce anxiety and stress, boost relaxation, and improve the quality of sleep. Other benefits of using aromatherapy include its ability to help people manage pain and fight bacteria and viruses.


Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. It remains popular today for the wide range of advantages it provides. Short, very thin needles are inserted into key pressure points in the body, with most people feeling little to no pain during the process. Acupuncture is commonly used as part of holistic treatment for substance use disorders, partly because it can help reduce cravings for drugs. It also reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, assists with pain management, and promotes better circulation. 


While some people think of yoga solely as a form of exercise, it has benefits far beyond that. Engaging in regular yoga sessions produces a more relaxed state, reducing levels of anxiety and stress. It can also improve sleep patterns, relieve pain, increase energy, and help improve self-awareness.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation focuses on teaching people how to relax, resulting in lowered levels of anxiety. This activity also teaches a person how to think about themselves in non-judgemental ways. Learning to view their thoughts and emotions without judging them provides assistance with processing past traumatic events. It also helps the person learn to accept and love themselves unconditionally, despite any negative choices they may have made in the past. 


A vital part of holistic therapy in rehab focuses on nutrition. People who suffer from addiction often have gone a long time paying little attention to their dietary intake. Some may have neglected to eat as much as they should, while others may have engaged in binge eating habits. Bodies healing from the damage of addiction need a reassessment of their eating habits in order to provide proper nutrients. Addressing nutrition as part of holistic detox and rehab aids in teaching people to eat well-balanced, healthy meals on a regular basis.

How Holistic Therapy Can Help During Rehab

Many addiction treatment programs use holistic detox and rehab practices in tandem with other, more traditional treatment options. This combination of techniques has been shown to improve a person’s ability to recover and helps boost the overall effectiveness of a detox program. Holistic therapy helps lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, and reduces withdrawal symptoms. 

People who receive holistic therapy as part of their substance use disorder treatment often report feeling more in tune with themselves and at peace with the past. This often makes them feel more confident about embracing their new sober lives. Holistic therapy provides emotional and psychological benefits, alongside an improvement in physical health and well-being.

People practicing holistic therapy yoga and meditation while undergoing holistic therapy through Nashville-Detox

Begin Holistic Therapy in Nashville, TN

If you are currently dealing with an addiction and want to seek help without relying totally on medications and other non-natural healing methods, we can help. We provide a holistic detox and addiction therapy program that may be just what you are looking for. Our holistic therapy programs near Franklin and the Nashville areas work to bridge the gap between healing and comfort. Contact Detox Nashville today to learn more about our holistic treatment services.

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    24/7 Help Is Standing By, Call Us Now.