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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)


The decision to seek treatment is a brave step for those struggling with addiction. The next step is determining what type of program best suits them. The right choice for many is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Nashville.

What is a Nashville PHP Rehab?

Many people begin their treatment for drug and alcohol addiction with a residential program. Once completed, they often need a step-down program to help them transition back to living at home while adjusting to sobriety. Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are great options for this. Even those who do not begin with residential treatment often find that a PHP is the best first step for them as it still provides a high level of care.

Nashville Rehab PHPs include many of the treatment modalities offered in residential programs, but still allow a person to maintain their commitments in their day-to-day lives. A PHP provides more intensive treatment than a regular outpatient program, which can improve overall recovery outcomes and help reduce the risk of relapse. The goal of a PHP is to provide the necessary support to sustain new sobriety and to prepare an individual to transition to less structured treatment.

What to Expect in a Nashville PHP Rehab

People who are just beginning their sobriety journeys may require more intensive support. This keeps them focused and on track toward their recovery goals.  Medication-assisted treatment may be offered to those who can benefit from it. This usually includes those addicted to alcohol and opioids. People typically attend treatment three to five days a week, several hours a day. It often takes place in a medical-type setting, such as a clinic or hospital. Many of the same aspects of residential treatment are employed, such as individual therapy, group therapy, and other therapies to address any co-occurring mental health issues. 

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is neither a quick nor easy process. This makes it important to receive attention and support from a variety of trained treatment specialists. A PHP in Nashville consists of a person spending several days a week under the guidance of treatment professionals. This includes individual therapists, group therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians. These people operate as a person’s treatment team. They share information and coordinate together to provide a recovery plan designed with each patient’s specific needs in mind.

Advantages of a Nashville PHP Rehab

One of the difficult aspects of residential treatment is being away from home. People who attend PHPs can receive the treatment they need while also getting to enjoy the benefits of spending evenings and weekends in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Time with their family, friends, and pets can provide the comfort a person needs. This helps keep them inspired to keep working hard on recovery during the weekdays. 

Most people factor in the cost of treatment when deciding what program to choose. Whether they use insurance, private pay, or other options, everyone wants their money to go as far as possible when it comes to something as important as treatment for substance use disorders. Nashville Rehab PHP programs provide a more cost-effective option than residential programs. This is because the person attending does not reside in the treatment facility. This financial benefit can allow a person to attend treatment for a longer time than they might have otherwise been able to. This is an important factor as the longer a person stays in treatment, the better chance they have at staying sober.

Different Types of Nashville Rehab Programs

When someone looks for addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, they often feel overwhelmed. This is why an extensive consultation with a qualified professional is needed when determining the right course of treatment.


A person struggling with addiction typically needs to undergo detox. Detox programs take place in a residential setting. They also allow the person to rid their bodies of toxins accumulated over the time of their addiction. When drugs or alcohol are removed from the system, the physical groundwork is laid in order to focus on the other aspects of the recovery journey. People who have completed a detox program can then make the decision about whether to go into a residential program or an outpatient program. 

Sober Living

Many people find that moving into a sober living home is beneficial to their recovery. Sober living homes are for recovering individuals adjusting to their newly sober lives away from environmental and social triggers. 

Everyone’s recovery is different, making it important that they find the treatment program that best suits their individual needs. It’s generally recommended that a person spend a minimum of 90 days in addiction treatment in order to have the best odds of staying in recovery. Treatment can last several months or longer depending on a person’s needs. The time invested pays off by providing people with the skills and resources they need to keep from drinking or using drugs again.

Nashville Rehab PHP Programs

Getting help for addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a scary idea. That is why our caring admissions counselors are here to help answer all of your questions and work with you to determine the right treatment plan. Our Partial Hospitalization Program provides you with the professional care you deserve while giving you the tools you need to stay sober.

Contact Detox Nashville today, and let our PHP program guide you to a new and exciting life of sobriety.